Tweet the Devs

We want you to have direct access to the team creating EverQuest Next, so here they are. Follow them for the latest news and tell them what you want to see!
DAVE from Production

Dave is the head honcho for all things EverQuest. He's helped craft many universes, but Norrath is his favorite.

TERRY from Production

Terry is the man who makes the trains run on time. He's a producer with a heart of gold and a dark secret...

ROSIE from Art

Rosie has been creating immersive worlds since the original EQ - and this is the best one yet!

DARRIN from Design

This is the guy making sure all the parts of the game come together and result in "fun." Whatever that means.

JEFF from Design

The art. The story. The game. They can't exist independently. Jeff is the duct tape and super glue that holds them all together.

STEVE from Code

Steve makes sure all the bits move and the pixels flash appropriately.

JAKE from Design

Jake designs the tools you'll use to build your dream home and decides which keys you'll press to slay SO MANY dragons.