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Developer Diary #3: Landmark Resources


By: Colette “Dexella” Murphy

Developer Diary #3 is out! Lead Designer Darrin McPherson talks about gathering resources and leveling up your tools:

Darrin McPherson is the Lead Designer for EverQuest Next Landmark. Find him on Twitter as @taliskerdev.

There are many categories of resources that will be available in Landmark, and a number of specific resources within those categories! Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll be mining/digging/chopping/looking for in Landmark:

Metal - Gold

Metal resources are found near rock outcroppings and mountains, as well as underground. The types of metals span all five tiers, from copper and tin to mithril and etherium. The metal resources include: copper, tin, iron, silver, tungsten, gold, cobalt, rubicite, mithril, and etherium.

Stone - Marble

Dirt, sand, and stone can be commonly found across all tiers, but higher-tiered types of stones are biome-specific. From deserts to volcanic caverns, you’ll want to search for marble, amaranthine, obsidian, and alabaster.

Gemstone - Amethyst

Some gemstones are found all across the continents, while others are biome specific, but all of them have one thing in common: they’re not found on the surface of the world! Get ready to mine and dig for agate, aquamarine, sapphire, ruby, diamond, and more!

Wood - Striped

Wood & Plants:
There are three common types of wood – plain, burled, and striped – that you’ll be able to find all across the world of Landmark. Additionally, you’ll want to seek out the variety of plants, from cotton and flax to earthblood and sunblossom. Some breeds of plants are rare, so you may be travelling deep into an underground forest if you want to find them all!

Liquid - Snow

Some things are pretty much everywhere, like mud and water, while others like ice and snow – though common – require travel to the Tundra! Additional higher tier liquids include tar, oil, and lava.

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