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Prison of Fire: New EQN Lore


By: Steve "Moorgard" Danuser

Our newest EverQuest Next eBook, “Prison of Fire”, centers on Neria Naldiir, a character whose name readers of our previously released novellas may recognize—even though this is the first story to feature her in the flesh.

Neria is captain of an elite order called the Ebon Dagger, which handles delicate matters requiring the utmost discretion within the Takish Empire. The organization operates under the auspices of Neria’s father, Dalen Naldiir, who serves as Minister of Security. Dalen has received troubling news from an old friend, the warden at Tagnik Vukar prison in Lavastorm. This remote facility was built to incarcerate the empire’s worst criminals, but in recent years the Emperor himself has decreed the prison off limits to even his most trusted advisors. Upon hearing dark rumors, Dalen sends his daughter and a handful of trusted companions to investigate, believing that events at the prison may have dire implications upon the empire.

The events depicted in “Prison of Fire” take place concurrently with those in “The Stars of Home”, and though the stories are set in different parts of Norrath, the new tale shows that the events depicted in “Stars” have far-reaching consequences.

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