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Welcome to EverQuest Next


Hi there, everyone! Thank you for coming by to check out our new virtual world, EverQuest Next.

We finally emerged from our black box at 12pm PST, August 2nd, 2013. (And I’m just sayin’…they could have built that thing a bit roomier. And added showers.)

But here we are finally, a little over a year and a half into the production of what we sincerely believe is going to be an incredible game and virtual world, and we finally get to start telling you about it.

Heck, later this year, when we launch EverQuest Next Landmark, you get to start building it with us, and that’s just beyond the realm of anything any of us would have believed possible, even as little as five years ago.

When our team set out to re-design EverQuest Next, we took no prisoners. Just because a system or feature was “in every other MMO” was meaningless to us. Nothing was sacred, and everything was questioned.

The result was a game that is built on an entirely different conceptual skeleton from any other game in history, anywhere in the world. Woohoo! Grandiose statement, but read on!

We didn’t just come up with a cool new graphics look (although we did) and we didn’t just reboot the lore of Norrath so it’s fresh and fun to explore again (although we did that, too). We tore the concepts of MMO gaming apart and reassembled them from new pieces.

Our goal: A heroic adventure game with an emphasis on being massively social.

To do that, we had to examine fundamental roots of the game. What is fun about combat? What’s wrong with most virtual economies? What is the attraction of alts? What social elements work to allow players to naturally meet instead of forcing those connections? What do players want most out of a game? Yeah…the deep questions.

And eventually, we created satisfying answers for all that and more. And from those answers, we began crafting systems that would better support the things we felt that players (and ourselves) had always wanted from these games.

You can read our website to learn a lot about the game’s features, so I won’t elaborate in detail here in this letter, but it’s the combination of all of those features that makes this game special. Any one of those features by itself is not a major game changer. But when you change the core advancement systems of the game, and then combine that with emergent AI, destructibility, and permanent change…well…now you’re playing with a set of tools that no one has assembled before, and you can make something unique, which translates into a gaming experience you’ve never before seen.

And isn’t that the exactly what you want out of gaming? Something new. Something fun. With exploration, adrenaline, friends, fame, fortune, creativity and bragging rights. We think it is. Welcome to EverQuest Next!


Dave Georgeson
Director of Development - EverQuest Franchise

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